Registration Confirmation for Landlords and Business Owners

Have you been presented with a registration certificate issued by the Service Animal Registry of California? Would like to confirm its authenticity and the registration status of a particular Owner and  Service Animal / Emotional Support Animal?

To confirm the registration status of a particular Owner and Service Animal / Emotional Support Animal with the Service Animal Registry of California, please enter the names below and pay the $14.87 confirmation service fee. Our staff will investigate the registration, and you will receive an official response by email as soon as the member has authorized SARC to authenticate that member’s registration. Note that if the member requests to have the registration be private, then you will receive a response indicating that either there is no such registration or the member desires to keep it private.

Please note that even if a particular animal is not registered, this does not mean that the animal is not a legitimate service animal, only that it is not registered here.

Owner Name To Confirm:
Animal Name to Confirm:

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