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If you follow the easy instructions below, you will have your electronic PDF certificate within minutes! Please read through them before continuing below.

Step 1:

You will click the “register now” button below these instructions, which will take you to PayPal for payment of your registration fee.

The fee is only $38.87 (up to two (2) animals).


Be sure to click the “return to merchant” button on the PayPal page when payment is complete. Unless you click this, you will not be able to complete your registration instantly online, and will need to contact us to complete the process. (*scroll down to the bottom of the page if you had trouble with this step)

Step 3:

PayPal’s “return to merchant” link will direct you back to this website, where you will then be able to access a data entry page. You will be asked to enter (a) the name of the registered owner, (b) the name(s) of the animal, and (c) the breed(s) of the animal(s). Review your typed data very carefully before hitting the “submit” button, since the data will appear exactly as you type it on your certificate. Look for spelling and capitalization errors before submitting.

Step 4:

Once you hit the “submit” button, a pop-up window will appear. Click the link to open your certificate for viewing.

Step 5:

Print your certificate (a color printer is highly recommended). Save the file to your hard drive for future use. The file may also be emailed to others as an attachment.

That’s it! Click below to begin.

Click Here to Register Now!

*Did you have any trouble after payment? For example, if you could not complete your registration because your browser crashed, your browser version is very much out of date, you have trouble using online forms, or if there is some other reason you did not complete registration after payment, simply go to your email inbox and forward your PayPal payment receipt to, include the name of the registered owner, animal name(s), and animal(s) breeds as you want them to appear on your certificate, and someone will manually enter your data and send you your certificate within 48 hours.

34 thoughts on “Registration Instructions

  1. Thank you for this website I never new I could do this for my dog. He is well trained and has his CGC certificate and a temperment certificate also in obedience 1 and 2 and Tracking. so thanks again because he is always with me

  2. Thank you for helping me feel safe now that I can have my dog who knows when I am about to have a siesure from spinal menengitis

  3. Make Sure Your Pet is in Compliance with the Rules & Regulations of the park

    Pets become a part of youPetsr family; often referred to lovingly as a son or daughter. Due to this you are likely to overlook some of their not so angelic behavior, but be wary you are ultimately held responsible for the actions of your pet.

    As a pet owner and a park resident you are responsible for cleaning up your pets waste in a reasonable time even if it is in your yard. It is also up to you to make sure that your pet is kept in your lot and away from other residents who may not wish to be around animals. If your pet gets out and attacks another resident or a pet of another resident you will be held responsible. It can even result in your removal from the park after services of proper notices.

    When looking into purchasing a pet you MUST first check with your park. The MRL’s allow a park to restrict, within reason, certain large and aggressive large dog breeds. They may also set restrictions on the weight and number of pets you may have in your mobile home. Service animals may be exempt from some of these restrictions.

    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), holding up the rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), issued a notice reaffirming that housing providers must provide reasonable accommodations to person with disabilities who require assistance animals. ADA regulations define “service animal” narrowly as any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. The revised regulations specify that “the provision of emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship do not constitute work or tasks for the purposes of this definition.”
    I had gotten this certificate for my dog Second Chance . I am Disabled. I have psychiatric disorders .. So this was not use full for me to be able to have my dog with me at all times. They say he has to work or perform task. thank you Debra

    • I’m not sure your disability, of course. But, I cannot think of simple training variations that would not meet the ADA’s requirement. For example, I have PTSD & am agoraphobic. I cannot leave my home without at least one of my two service dogs. My dogs are trained to place themselves between me & groups of people – to allow for my personal space & to give me a buffer from crowds. A simple training addition, which opens up my world & does wonders for me, while also satisfying them performing a task specific to my disability. I hope this helps.

  4. My little Lhasa Apso was permitted to join me in the hospital in ICU during my recovery after surgery. I knew the doctors well and they agreed t let him stay in my private room with me in California Pacific Medical Center in SF. I never had any of these certificates, but sure am glad I got one now. I take him everywhere with me in hotels and everything. I am planning on taking him to Europe with me and this should suffice?

    • Flights generally require a letter from a physician stating a couple specific things.

  5. Debra on June 30, 2013 at 9:06 pm: Ever considered appealing to the Feds to get Cats & other animals added & also having your emotional specialist write you a letter on letterhead asserting your animals status listed as necessary for your emotional and other health health? Mind you doing it in the opposite order is helpful, & using a copy of your letterhead attached to your appeal might help!. & to ALL wana make a MASS appeal to the feds to get other animals added? Ever consider the number of quadriplegic persons out there who use monkeys! Hey Ill be MORE than happy to help start it!

    • Larry, I also wish there is form to register cats as the service pets they are. I suffer from LUPUS and other health issues and it is my cats who alert me to when and active episode of LUPUS is about to happen or my health is about to take a down turn. I have Doctors letters stating they are my service pets but to landlords/mobile park management they just can not see how cats are service pets. My dog is my protector but it is the cats that make it possible for me to be aware of my health and then have them insist on making sure they do not leave my side. Unfortunately when LUPUS goes active I end up in bed. The pain I suffer from this is bearable due to them. They do surround me and start to purr especially on the areas that are really being attacked. If not for them I may not be here today. There have been many studies now on the fact that cats and yes some other animals that have proved to be exceptional service pets. Not everyone requires a dog as a service pet

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  7. I advise that we all (those of us with NON-DOG service animals & our supporters start an official petition to the Government & the Media to have other animals added other than dogs as there are truly many other service animals. For example, Some Monkeys, Cats, horses (I have heard of at least 1 mini-pony that is helping a small girl), birds that can talk (& some that cant), and many others. the ONLY burden of proof should be that the animal can be shown that it is of a service in some manner Emotionally, Physically, Psychologically or in any other manner that benefits the person registering them in some manner. Please note that there is no “true LAW” that I know of that prevents the person in question from having any other type of service animal only rule, regulation, & statute. ALL of which can be overturned, bypassed or circumvented if enough time patients, & will power is spent in courts & in front of the media to fight it. And if enough people stand up for there god given rights according to the Constitution. So if you can help & if others can help lets start an official petition… Start with the local HUD, move on the the national HUD, then HIT Congress, The House, The White House & anybody else I did not mention that needs to see this. Also APPEAL TO THE LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS! (just don’t let me try that one as I could only mess it all up…)
    Larry Barron
    Disabled Person needing Service Cats…

    • When I was researching to register my Shitzu’s, I went to the ADA site and it states all service animals. Cats and Horses were mentioned in the laws. They have been registered since Nov 2013.

  8. Just a quick question. Since my dog is a Service dog and not a pet, can my landlord insist that I pay a Pet Security Deposit?

    • No, your landlord cannot insist on a pet deposit. Only the general security deposit that a tenant without a pet would pay is permitted.

    • Yes, my husband had a stroke 6 yrs ago and he falls all the time. In Aug 2013 he fell outside and our 2 shitzu’s barked until I came out to investigate. I called 911 to have the paramedics help me lift him. When I told them what happened. they suggested I register them as service dogs. I have and they go everywhere with us. The dr has even noticed and documenting his lowered blood pressure when the dogs go to the office with us.

    • Your dog must do an action, like blocking you or directing you to a chair, a direct deliberate action. No it cannot be a very small dog. They have big dogs that ware a harness so you an hold onto it to ease yourself down

    • Technically they are not pets. Sometimes it is not enough to have them registered. We went into Denny’s in Sharon PA and the GM would not let us in. “Code enforcement won’t allow”. I showed him the registration certificate and he said “I’ll seat you, but I don’t have to serve you.”

      My suggestion would be get law enforcement or an attorney that deals with handicap needs on your side. Some individuals just don’t understand and it is about education. There are cards you can get to hand out to those that just don’t understand.

    • go to the dr an get a letter from them that your pet is service an the go to the county you live in talk to aspca licensing anget your pet a tag for servicing an tell your lanlord that they have to allow your animal its the law ..

  9. Is this the certification you need in order for your pet to fly with you, or do you need something more/additional? I want to register my dog, but I want to make sure I cover my bases.

  10. My mom just moved in with me and she has her little dog but the manager’s apartment say we’re not allowed to have dogs, my mom has diabetes and heart problems and her doctor gave her a letter saying is good for ger to have her dog with her, can I register her dog as a service dog and if I do can the manager still evict me or ask for the dog to be removed?

  11. How can I get the harness to support my daughter with her dog if she falls or begins to feel her vertigo coming on?

  12. My poodle is not trained as a service dog but he can alert us when my daughter will have a seizure or is having one and we are in another room he will come get us. Could I register him as her service dog she is home school because of her medical condition?

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